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West Suffolk CLP is the division of the Labour Party active in the constituency of West Suffolk.

The constituency is made up of the District of Forest Heath, and part of the Borough of St Edmundsbury. To check if your area falls within the constituency of West Suffolk click here.

The CLP is divided into two active branches who meet regularly, the North West Suffolk Labour Branch and the Haverhill and Kedington Labour Branch.

If you are a Labour member, we really encourage you to come along to a local branch meeting. It is a chance to meet like minded people in your area, and to properly get involved in and make a difference to your Labour branch. Our branches are not large, so each member has a real opportunity to share their ideas and input.

Your branch secretary will email or call to keep you up to date with the latest local campaigns, meetings and social events. If you haven’t yet heard from your local branch, you can always check in with our CLP secretary, Gary, by emailing him: gary.dillon@westsuffolklabour.org.uk.

It is at branch meetings that you have the power to choose local council candidates to represent your area. We also discuss national and local policy issues, and we hear reports from our Labour councillors on what they're working on in their roles on the town and borough councils.

We also use some of our meeting time to plan our campaigns and other activities. In addition, both branches in West Suffolk have their own dedicated campaign groups, who meet to plan and discuss campaign activities in further detail.

We hold formal branch meetings at least once per month, with the CLP (both branches combined) meeting less regularly. Please see the events section of the website for upcoming meeting dates.

At CLP meetings we vote on a variety of internal matters, including the selection of delegates for the Labour Party Annual Conference. Delegates will represent our views to the national party and take an active role in debating policy within the Labour Party.

One of the most important functions the CLP has is to select a candidate for parliament. Any candidate will be nominated and selected democratically by the membership of the CLP.

We also hold a yearly CLP AGM, at which we elect our officers, who will hold special roles within the CLP. Please see below for details of our current officers at CLP and branch level.

Haverhill and Kedington Branch

North West Suffolk Branch

West Suffolk and Bury St Edmunds
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